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Top Outdoor Toys For £15 and Under

Check out what fun and entertaining outdoor toys UTCT think are going to keep kids busy outside over the summer break for under fifteen pounds.

It’s that time of the year again when the sun is starting to appear, holidays are approaching and kids are starting to get super excited about getting outside to play with new toys.

Let’s face it most toys you buy over the summer are used a few time and then thrown into the back of the garden shed and this can be pretty expensive, that is why UTCT have put together some our our top outdoor toys for under £15 below.

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1 – Aluminium Tennis Racket £9.99Buy Here

With Wimbledon starting in June – is your child the next Andy Murray?

Get the family kitted out with a tennis racket and start competing.  Take to friends house or down the beach on a nice day.

2 – V-Tech KidiActive Twist and Talk Ball £12.74Buy Here

The interactive ball that not only is a whole lot of fun but will also help teach your child counting, rhyming, vocabulary and more.

Different faces, different games and will keep the whole family entertained over summer.

3 – Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot – £7.97Buy Here

Children age 8 years and older will be able to take down their opponents as quickly as you can.

Invite friends around and play a huge game of Nerf Dart Tag and as it is light and not too big you can take it away with you to play on days out.

4 – Amazon Fill ‘n’ Fun Pool £15Buy Here

Nothing beats a paddling pool, invite friends and splash around or even put in water object to keep your little one busy.

We all know one way or another we will all get soaked!

5 – Pop up Tent £14.99 Buy Here

Whether it is raining or the sun is shining children can start off a great adventure in their tent.

Have outdoor picnics in the pop up tents, go camping (in the back garden of course) or invite friends round to have a little party in the tent.

6 – Aggressor STR40 Water Gun 2 Pack £10Buy Here

Fill up and hide before you get soaked by your opponent.  It’s doesn’t matter what age you are as playing with water guns never gets to old to do!

Why not have a big family BBQ and at the end get everyone geared up for a massive water fight.

Let’s get outdoors and have some family fun this summer!

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