Top Ten Personalised Christmas Gifts

With the advent of online stores available 24/7 offering everything you could ever want; from a novelty corkscrew to an elf made entirely of soap; shopping should be made easier right? Yet with so many gifts at your fingertips, the choice can be bewildering and confusing, making finding that perfect gift like searching for a single snowflake in a winter snowstorm.

The solution to this never-ending array of pointless novelty gifts? Personalised gifts.

Buying personal gift items has become increasingly popular as shoppers realise the importance of matching the right gift to the right person and giving treasured keepsakes which will last longer than that weird head massager your Aunty Beryl got you last year.

So what were the top ten bestselling personalised Christmas gifts of 2012? To answer that question we asked top personalised gift site Utterly Personal which gifts went flying off their shelves this year and so the countdown begins:

1. Engraved Shot Glass

‘Tis the season to be merry and many people were getting merry in style, celebrating with engraved shot glasses which included not only their name but a small message too. It was the bestselling personalised gift and proved hugely popular, but will it still peak the top selling spot for this year?

2. Keep Calm and Drink Wine Glass

We can imagine plenty of mums receiving this as their Christmas gift, just in time for the stresses of preparing a Christmas meal for the family. Let’s hope it was given along with a bottle of wine too!

3. Personalised Whisky Glass

Dad also deserves a bit of pampering and after all that eating, hunting for spare batteries, helping to construct huge Lego models and washing up, he would probably have appreciated a sit down in front of the fire with a glass of whisky in his hand; a perfect way to end the day!

4. Personalised Handmade Glass Christmas Angel Bauble

Christmas is a time for traditions and one of those traditions is to add a special keepsake to the Christmas tree. This is a perfect one for a baby’s 1st Christmas and would have been hugely treasured. Who knows, the baby might even be putting the bauble on their own Christmas tree in years to come.

5. Personalised Santa Stocking

Lots of excited children came down on Christmas morning to find these fun Christmas stockings filled up to the brim with stocking fillers. Even better, each stocking would be embroidered with their names so that Santa knew exactly who they belonged to!

6. Personalised Handmade Christmas Tree Bauble

The angel bauble proved the most popular but this Christmas tree one was also a hit and no wonder as it is exquisitely made with a delicate little detailed Christmas tree sitting inside. The bauble could be engraved with any message you liked to celebrate a birth, the memory of a loved one, a marriage or just to show someone how special they are.

7. Personalised Fabulous Shot Glass

This fun and funky little shot glass is especially for the girls and was no doubt a hit amongst friends, especially given that the personalised glass came in at just over a fiver!

8. Christmas Owl Family Tree Decoration

Another family tradition, this time involving the entire family. A cute little family of owls adorn the heart shaped tree decoration, each bearing the name of a family member. It’s got the cute factor, it’s a gift that can be treasured and it can be weaved into the family Christmas traditions so it scored highly on the bestseller list.

9. Ornate Swirl Wine Glass

I think we are getting the message here about the kind of gifts that people loved receiving last Christmas! This gorgeous glass would have made an ideal Christmas gift for a wife or mother as it’s elegant and beautifully decorated with classic swirls and an engraving. It was also popular as a personalised wedding gift.

10. Personalised Santa and Reindeer Stocking

Stockings were very much the theme of last Christmas and proved popular not just with kids but with adults too who never lose that excitement of tearing down the stairs on Christmas morning! They also make lovely festive decorations to hang near the fire.

So what exactly were the popular themes last Christmas? Well judging by that bestselling list the personalised gifts which were most sought after were Christmas stockings, baubles and drinks glasses! Well, it’s important to get our priorities right and as a fantastic budget gift which will be well received, you just can’t go wrong with an engraved glass as Utterly Personal can testify to: “Engraved shot glasses are perfect gifts for any occasion so it’s not surprising that it’s our bestselling Christmas gift for 2012. They’re particularly popular because they are reasonably priced and make perfect stocking fillers!” Perhaps to go in those bestselling Christmas stockings?

Will we see this theme continue for Christmas 2013? Utterly Personal seem to think so as their predictions for this Christmas not surprisingly includes personalised shot and wine glasses along with the handmade glass baubles. However they are expecting a variety of other Personalised Christmas Gifts to arrive just before Christmas so you never know, we might see a change in shopping habits to personalised mugs for instance, perfect for that festive hangover!

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