Toy Fair 2014: What Toys Will Take 2014 By Storm?

The 61st annual Toy Fair has arrived and we have the scoop on what toys will take 2014 by storm.

tamagotchiThe return of the Tamagotchi has got all of us here in the UTCT offices somewhat excited. We used to LOVE them! (ours always died after a few days though) Well now, Tamagotchi has been given a 2014 makeover. It still looks the same, still does the same, it just does it a whole lot better. You can now interact with other Tamagotchi pets.  You can now also collect points where you will be able to spend them on things such as snacks and jewellery.

animinSticking with the theme of technology, Animin is the new Augmented Reality pet that lives in your smartphone.  A lot like the Tamagotchi, Animin needs to be fed to thrive and progress through life, but thanks to smartphone technology, your friends can access your Animin (password protected) to help feed it if you’re busy with day to day life. Good idea right?

caylaTo top off the latest techy toys, comes My Friend Cayla.  Cayla lives through a phone app.  Once you sync her with a smartphone or device, you can have a real conversation with her by using Google’s Speech-to-text program! We predict this will be huge for Christmas 2014.


Of course board games are also set to be a big hit for 2014, with a Downton Abbey board game set to be released.  Pulp Fiction is also due to release a board game towards the end of the year.

unionjdollsThis years celebrity dolls goes to Union J! Union J are attending the Toy Fair today to help promote the release of their new dolls. Looks like the One Direction boys are in for a run for their money…

Just to excite all you Transformers fans, hasbro have today announced there will be several products released throughout the year.  The 2014 Toy Fair sponsors have a huge stand in the exhibition this year, with the trilogy of Transformers films even being played throughout the day.

Throughout the next few days, loads more toys and games are set to be announced for the year ahead.  Keep checking our website to find out all the latest news!


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