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Toy Rush Mobile Game

New mobile toy ‘Toy Rush’ has been announced by Uber Entertainment and Tilting Point. The game will see players playing against hordes of toy invaders in an adventure, like never before.

Uber Development are working alongside Tilting Point to bring us the new kid in town – Toy Rush!

This mobile game is set to see players battling against hordes of toys in an adventure never experienced before.  You can use different weapons to battle your way through the game including rubber band guns, gumball launchers and ray guns.

The game is interactive, it encourages players to club together to help each other out and even form unique specialized units! The new game has been dubbed the new ‘angry birds’ and is expected to be hugely popular in 2013 and onwards.

John Comes design director of Uber Entertainment says;-

“We’ve created a tower defense game with tremendous character, infusing it with plush toys, tech robots, and wild beasts.  We’ve combined this with unique card mechanics, asynchronous multiplayer gameplay, and deep strategy elements. It’s simply a ton of fun!”

Giordano Bruno Contestabile, Vice President of Product Management and Revenue at Tilting Point adds;-

“Their background in creating polished strategy games with amazing presentation greatly appealed to us. Uber is creating something special with Toy Rush and we look forward to launching it with them.”

The new app toy will be available towards the end of the year.  Will you be playing?

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