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ToyMaster 2012 Toys – Our Top Toy Predictions!

Find out our Toy Predictions from the Toymaster Show 2012

Every year the doors are opened for companies such as Vtech, Bandai, Spin Master, Playmobile and more to showcase what they are going to promote at the Toymaster show and this year its all about London 2012 Olympics, The Hobbit, Disney and even a Vtech Innotab 2!

Staring today and finishing on Thursday May 24th The Majestic hotel in Harrogate has been turned into a child’s dream with a whole host of new kids toys being shown even us adults can act like a big kid – well its to difficult not to get involved when a Fooze is around!

Here on this page we at UndertheChristmasTree are going to put up what we think will be some of autumn/winters biggest toys for you to look out for. As these come in from toynews-online we will break it down and put in our predictions for Christmas 2012.


Girls are going to fall in love with the new range of Mattel products which include Barbie Photo Fashion Doll and Barbie Ultimate Closet where you will be able store away new accessories from the range.

Monster High will be back with a create a monster design lab. The new film Disney/Pixar’s Brave will see a lunch of playsets, dolls and more plus a new range of Fijit Friends and Polly Pockets.

Boys will go crazy for Hot Wheels basic car five-packs and Team Hot wheels double dare snare and if you thought Smokey fire truck and Stinky garbage truck were some of the coolest trucks around from Matchbox just wait for the Big Boots range!

Toddlers are going to have so much fun with the new Dance and Play Puppy and the new Disney infant line. Fisher Price will also be launching new toys from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Tomy Toys

Tomy is all about Noisy lions, Clip clops and 1:32 scale models. Here are our favourites from the tomy toys collection;

  • Raa Raa the Noisy Lion
  • Clip Clop Knight and Clip Clop Princess
  • Load n Go Racing Car and Activity Auto
  • Kane 16 Tonne Silage and Grain Trailers each feature tipping function!

Spin Master

3D Blast technology, princess zoobles and even some edible squidgy creepy crawlies are going to make their way to some of the UK leading toy stores. This year Bakugan battle suits and disc firing Baku Blasters are going to be launching right into action. We also think the new range of Air Hog and Princess Zoobles are going to be hugely sought after.


Ben 10 is back with a whole host of 10c, 15cm figures, play sets, Rook’s Truck and last but by no means least the Ben 10 Omniverse which every fan of the kids show will want as part of their collection. Nickelodeon are to air a new TV series – Power Rangers! now we all know how popular power rangers were with everyone claiming “im the pink one” or “im the green one” the toys are set to be just as fun and exciting.


Its all about Sylvanian Families! Celebrating their 25th Anniversary in 2012 autumn will see the launch of new Sylvanian families log cabin and more. Apart from this boys are going to want the Micro Chargers which is a vehicle brand that races at lightening speed, at the most micro scale.

Already proving to be a huge hit with UK Retailers the trash park or Trashies will release new moldy trash and ultra rare Astro Space Trashies toys.


Already set to be our favourite as they launch the hobbit toys in the later part of the year to coincide with the movie, you will see playsets, figures, and games. Other highlights from Vivid include:

  • GyroBots range
  • Lumi brand of light-up jewellery including Glo-Earphones and Lumi Status Band
  • Animagic has three new additions for girls to adore after including – Tessie Goes Trotting, Glamour Pets and Huggables
    which will be interactive, fluffy and fun!
  • Moshi Monsters Super Moshi HQ, Moshi House Play-set and Moshi App Monsters all which will have huge advetrisment budgets


Already one of the most talked about set of toys are the new 3D Puzzles which uses hinged plastic pieces and no glue required to give you the 3D effect, puzzles include Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Lighthouse and the Empire State Building.


As we expected a new Vtech Innotab 2 will be hitting the shelves with the huge demand of the original vtech innotab we can expect this is going to be huge at Christmas 2012.

The new Vtech Innotab 2 will feature 1.3 mega pixel camera with rotating self-portrait lens, a built-in microphone and video recording for enhanced game play. We are not sure what colour will be available but we can speculate and say both blue and pink will be available again.
Other Vtech Toys to be released include:

  • Mobigo 2
  • Toot Toot Drivers Cement Mixer, Tractor and Helicopter
  • VTech Secret Safe Diary where you can have a virtual pet, voice recognition and more.

Golden Bear

We already know that Golden Bear are to release a range of London 2012 toys but what we are also really excited for are the new Shoulder Buddies for girls where they can wear them on backpacks, t-shirts or more with the help of a magic coin. These are also going to be educational as each one helps teach life lessons including fire safety, saving money and teamwork.

Drummond Park

FOOZE – Just like the one out of TV show Friends and will make you as competitive as Joey and Chandler! you control the collectible players by twisting and flicking! It wont just be children who are playing with this!


Lalaloopsy Mango Tiki Wiki and Charlotte Charades will be part of the expanding range of dolls plus even more silly hair characters too!

Other dolls including a refreshed Baby Annabell with new features and accessories and Chou Chou Baby Monitor will be released for young girls.

Bladez Toys

Star wars fans will be eyeing up the new range of Pump and Play inflatable range where R2-DS, Darth Vader, Yoda and Storm Trooper where you can control them to move and do stunts. G-Bladez Gyro Helicopters will be part of the new r/c range where they can fly upside-down, reverse and fly the right way up.


A whole host of new products are to arrive from RE:Creations here are out top picks:

  • Pro XX stunt scooter
  • Moshi Monster Charms
  • Finger Whips these are flexible mini scooters that allow you to perform finger tricks
  • Halo toys including Warthog

More Top Toy Releases

Here are some of the other top release that we think will be a success:

  • University Games – Sort It Out and Poppin’ Hoppies
  • Sleep Tight Tatty Teddy – Glows, plays a lullaby and interacts with other Tatty Teddy toys including – join In and Play My Blue Nose Friends.
  • Interactive Storytime Tatty Teddy
  • Minnie Mouse R/C Scooter
  • Turbo Snake – an R/C vehicle with a snake-like shape and articulated body

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