Toys to benefit baby

Right from the moment they are born baby’s start to learn and by around 2 months they will be holding and grasping objects.

Ideal toys for this age could be:

  • rattles

By 12 months they can now understand some of what you say to them and can sit unaided and toys that they can use by themselves are a great way to encourage learning.

Suggested toys for a 1 year old might be:

  • a musical activity walker
  • building blocks
  • shape sorters.

Playing is a great way to start them on their educational development while at the same time keeping them amused.

Play is a great way for children to develop their senses and in the first years of a child’s life can help aid dexterity and reading together develops the bond between you and your child.

Walkers are a great way for your child to learn balance and as they progress they will gain the confidence to try to take their first steps.

Children learn through copying what you do, so as they grow your little one may well benefit from a play cooker, toy shop or a vacuum so that they can help with you with the housework.

As summer comes along a bubble lawnmower gives them the opportunity to follow what you do in the garden, a sand pit is always great fun and encourages play and sharing with others.

When learning is such fun they’ll want to do more and more – what a great way to spend quality time with your child.

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