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Toys – Traditional V Tech

Are traditional toys being sidelined in favour of high tech electronic devices?

Ask your child what toy their favourite toy is and they are quite likely to reply – my tablet.

Children, as has always been the case, copy their role models, also known as mum and dad.

They watch us surf the internet, watch favourite TV programmes, play games, interact with friends on Twitter and Facebook, laugh at the funny pictures someone has put up on Pinterest and they want to do the same.

Does that mean that traditional toys have been kicked to the curb?

Actually no, it doesn’t, although less time is spent playing with them.

Cars, dolls, construction sets and board games are all still high on their popularity lists and although they may not spend just as much time with them they are certainly much wanted toys.

Choices change as children get older and this is when they opt for more ‘sophisticated toys’.  This is the time when they want to stay in touch with friends, listen to music, download apps and watch videos, all of which they will find on a tablet or smart phone.

It is essential for children to combine virtual and traditional play as this helps broaden their skill levels and physically interact with children of their own age.

Encouraging both technology and traditional play will benefit your children.

In order to fully develop their brain, children are required to use all their senses. Combining indoor and outdoor play, basic and tech, and a balance of active, creative and educational play will help develop their skills for life.

What is your child’s favourite toy?  Get in touch and let us know below.

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