Traditional Christmas Cards

Traditional Christmas Cards

Sometimes when Christmas comes round, we are all in such a hurry to get our Top Christmas Gifts 2010 that we forget about the true meaning of Christmas. Until we receive some Traditional Christmas Cards from family and friends, wishing us a very Merry Christmas. On the Traditional Christmas Cards can be a nativity scene – where we are reminded of the birth of Jesus Christ, or a scene of the 3 wise men, a printed christmas carol which has sentimental words, or perhaps a Victorian Christmas scene which reminds us of a more innocent, traditional time.

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Queen Victoria sent thousands of cards at Christmas, however it was in fact Sir Henry Cole, who in December 1843 decided to surprise his friends by sending them a colourful card instead of the usual Christmas letter.

Sending a traditional Christmas card was his way of sending greetings without having to write hundreds of individual letters. With that and from there, the custom of sending greeting cards caught on.

As the popularity of traditional christmas grew many cards were designed by the sender and the sentiments on the cards included jokes, religious thoughts and season’s greetings.

Victorian Christmas cards features animals, cherubs and biblical figures. Pictures of Children were very popular on Christmas cards, with their pretty round faces and red perfect lips, wearing their sailor suits or fine bonnets.

Very few of these early Christmas cards showed the religious side of Christmas or the snowy pictures with Santa and his reindeers flying through the night sky, unlike the Christmas cards which we send today, which have a much less sentimental meaning. Instead people preferred to send cards with pictures of flowers and landscapes to remind them that spring would soon be with them.

Many of the early Traditional Christmas Cards were very elaborate with cards that made into a puzzle or folded like a map. Cards came in many shapes such as bells, candles, birds and many more.

Many charities began selling Traditional Christmas cards to aid their fundraising, the UNICEF Christmas card program began in 1949 and since then has been very popular amongst shoppers who are doing their bit for charity at the same time as wishing their nearest and dearest a very merry Christmas and in many cases a happy new year.

Today many people collect Christmas cards, Queen Mary was a great collector of Christmas cards and her collection is on display in the British Museum.

Which Christmas cards you choose to collect is a purely personal decision.

Many people only collect personal cards with hand written messages, whilst others collect Christmas cards with particular motifs such as Santa Claus,the Nativity or Religious Christmas Cards.

Whether you choose to collect Christmas Cards or just to enjoy them over the festive period, the giving of Christmas Cards is still one of the nicest traditions of Christmas.

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