Transformers Airhedz Megatron

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Kids are going to love the new Transformers Airhedz Megatron giant inflatable head! You will will strike fear through those soft Autobots! This toy has many features, some of which include;-

  • Transformers Airhedz Inflatable hat
  • Megatron Design
  • Toy Blaster

Transformers Airhedz Megatron

Transformers Airhedz Megatron

Turn into the evil villan Megatron and super size your imagination with the new Transformers Airhedz Megatron giant inflatable head! You will will strike fear through those soft Autobots!

The pharses “Big Headed” really does come to play with the new Transformers Airhedz Megatron, based on the character from the Transformers movies megatron all you need to do is blow up the inflatable head and sword put them on and be ready for the battle against evil!

Transformers Airhedz Megatron created by Bluw is suitable for children age 4 and older. Part of the new Transformers 3 toys range this will be one of the hottest xmas toys for 2011. Use our independently checked price comparison unit to see who has stock and today’s cheapest uk prices!

What’s inside the box?

Here i this section is a list of information on what you will receive when Transformers Airhedz Megatron kids toys arrives at yur home.

  • 1 x Megatron Head
  • 1x Toy Shotsgun

Features & Specifications for Transformers Airhedz Megatron Transformers 3 Toys

Are you searching for transformers airhedz megatron features and specifications? Below is a bullet point list of what to expect of these transformers 3 toys.

  • Air heads Inflatable megatron head and sword
  • Great for dressing up and parties!
  • PVC inflatable
  • Product Size: 322mm x 451mm
  • Manufacturer Recommended Age: 4+

Transformers Airhedz Megatron Reviews

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