Transformers Devastator

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Transformers Devastator

Devastator the colossal Transformer Construction from the latest film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will be a hugely popular gift for Christmas 2010

With the popularity of Transformers 2 every boy will want his own Devastator.

Made up from 6 different constructions Devastator is the ultimate Construction and is a hugely popular character from Transformers 2 – Revenge of the Fallen one of the most poplar movies of 2010.
Transformers are always a great christmas present.

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Transformers Devastator uses all of the newest Transformer toys to create one monster Transformer Construction – Scavenger, Rampage, Hightower, Longhaul, Scrapper, and Mixmaster.Devastator is the combined form of these 6 Constructions

The ultimate DECEPTICON weapon has arrived on Earth, and nothing will ever be the same. CONSTRUCTION DEVASTATOR is the biggest robot ever — towering above AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS alike. As his Vortex Grinder snaps open and glows with power, all before him quake in fear, knowing their destruction is inevitable! makes a great boys christmas present.

Constructicon Devastator is named for the brutal, destructive winds that whip around the equator of Cybertron. He is mighty beyond the boundaries of a normal robot frame. Rather, he is a force of nature – inevitable, unstoppable, and indestructible! He destroys all in his path, as do his namesake winds. Earth has never experienced a destructive force as singular as Constucticon Devastator. Where he walks, the humans’ fragile world will be quaked and stripped to its very foundations

Combine all six detailed vehicles; Longhaul, Scavenger, Rampage, Scrapper, Hightower and Mixmaster with motion-activated vehicle and conversion sounds!

Have fun assembling this super transformer as different individual transformers represent different body parts of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – Supreme Combiner Construction Devastator.

Weighing slightly over 2Kg, Transformers Devastator is a durable and imposing figure and ideal for children ages 5 and up. The Supreme Combiner Construction Devastator uses Mech Alive gearing which means sounds effects and gears when certain parts of the toy are manipulated. A great transformer box set.

Combine all six detailed vehicles – including MIXMASTER vehicle with motion-activated vehicle and conversion sounds – to create the mighty TRANSFORMERS DEVASTATOR figure.

Construction Transformer Devastator figure features Mech Alive gearing allowing the Vortex Grinder to open. There are also lights and destruction sounds , he even speaks!

Supreme Combiner Construction Devastator is a great addition to your Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen collection! A super cool way to encourage imaginative play and recreate your favourite scenes from the movie with these transformers action figures. Don’t miss out on this hugely popular Christmas 2010 toy. I strongly recommend you to get your transformers G1 devastator now!

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