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Travelling Abroad

Travelling abroad for a well earned holiday is always eagerly anticipated but by leaving everything to the last minute you will take some of the pleasure away as you struggle to get organized in time.

There are a few basic, but absolutely essential things you must do well in advance of your holiday.

If your passport has been gathering dust at the back of a drawer for a few years, check that it is still current, if not apply for a renewal as soon as possible, as they can take a while to get sent out.

Depending on your destination, check if you need a visa or vaccinations before you go.

Make sure you have your European Health Insurance Card with you – each member of your party will require one.

As the holiday draws closer don’t forget to order your travelers cheques and foreign currency.

Check your holiday destination website for travel advice

Confirm parking booking

Check you’ve received all your documentation from your chosen travel company including the all important tickets – you’ll not get very far without these!
It’s a good idea to take photocopies of all this documentation and send them to a friend or email address that you could access, if required, and get copies of your documents.

As the holiday draws close you need to check you have everything ready for packing. Have you checked your luggage bag – it may have been slightly damaged on a previous trip and needs to be replaced.

Try a run through of all your packing remember to include space for shoes, and sun cream etc and once you’re satisfied then weigh your case – you could do without extra luggage charges so check your allowances with your holiday company.

Collect all your holiday information together – destination, hotel information – including telephone number, airline, car park details and expected arrival time and give a copy of them to a friend or family member.

A few days before you go

  • Pack your suitcase
  • If you’re driving to the airport – fill the car with fuel and check your tyres etc
  • Have a word with a neighbour or friend, ask them to look after your plants etc and arrange to leave them a set of keys

The Day before

  • Sort out your hand luggage don’t forget that liquids must be in a sealable clear plastic bag for the airport.
  • Recheck your luggage list and repack your suitcase.
  • Phone your bank and or credit card companies and tell them you are about to go on holiday give them your destination and holiday dates, make sure they take note. This will save your credit card/debit card being refused when you’re away.

Your Ready to Go

It’s the 1st Day of your holidays and you’ll be leaving home soon for the airport. Before you do, give them a quick call to check that your flight times haven’t changed. Then:

  • Double check your documents
  • Tickets
  • Visas
  • Passports
  • Currency
  • Travelers Cheques
  • Check all your electrical appliances are switched off and unplugged
  • Check windows are all closed
  • Check heating timer has been altered
  • Give a set of keys and holiday information to your friend or neighbour
  • Make sure lights are all turned off
  • Load the car with your luggage
  • Lock the door and close the garage door as you leave.

What is your holiday checklist before you go on holiday abroad? Comment below and let us know.

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