Travelling with Children – Before You Go

At last the holiday you booked so long ago is just a few days away.  All the packing is done, the tickets have arrived and you’ve got a timetable ready.

Run through all your holiday related documents and make sure you’ve

  • Got all the passports
  • Airline tickets
  • Parking documentation
  • Hotel tickets
  • Suitcases
  • Hand luggage
  • Put any hand luggage liquids into a sealable plastic bag

Here a few last minute household reminders that might be helpful.

Have you:

  • Arranged cover for your pets
  • cancelled the milk and newspapers
  • changed your central heating times
  • removed the last of the milk from the fridge (nothing is worse than coming back to the smell of sour milk)
  • emptied the fruit bowl
  • stood the plants in water, or arranged for someone to water them
  • told your neighbours
  • left keys if necessary
  • emptied your bins
  • paid bills to date (you could do without returning to a standard charge for missing them)
  • switch off the gas
  • checked the windows and doors are safely locked
  • left holiday details – hotel name,address, telephone number,flight numbers and expected return day and time with a friend,family member etc?

Now you’re ready to go!

Have a great time!!!

Do you have any last minute tips you’d like to pass on ?  Send us your hints and tips below.

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