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Travelling with Children – Packing for Kids

Start off with a list and an empty suitcase/holdall especially for the children.

Take time to write your list thinking through the daily necessities that traveling with children will require.

Top of the list is to remember any prescription medicines and skin creams they require and make sure you have enough for your full trip.

Depending on their age give them a small holdall to carry onto the plane or take into the back of the car or bus with them.

Include things in the holdall that they will enjoy playing with but that are not noisy and will give other travellers a headache

Include the usual things, books, crayons, small toys, handheld games or portable DVD with a selection of their favourite DVD’s that they can watch together or individually.

If you’re taking a long flight/car/bus journey add in a lightweight blanket and blow up pillow so they can take a nap – whatever you do don’t forget their comforter.

Invest in a few small presents and wrap them up so when they get bored you can give them each a parcel to open.

Take snacks for the plane or car/bus ride, don’t pack fillings that will squish all over your bag or that smells (tuna etc), add in some snack sized crisps and a piece of fruit or pack of raisins.

Clothing suggestions

If you’re heading off to the sun invest in 2 sets of swimwear each giving you a chance to get one dry before it’s needed again.

Light coloured clothing is great but every little mark shows try getting something darker or with a pattern – you don’t want to be washing when you’re away.

Take a couple of long sleeved options to wear – just in case of sunburn when they’ll need to keep covered up.

Try not to pack clothing that wrinkles – chances are you’re only going to be using shorts, tea shirts etc through the day, some light jeans/linen trousers or a cotton dress are great for evening.

Don’t forget a cardigan or similar for the evening when the sun goes down it can get a bit chilly.

Remember to pack bibs if they’re needed at meal times, a quick rinse and they’ll be dry in no time if you’re heading to the sun – if not disposable bibs could be handy.

Must haves

Nappies – don’t take a chance and leave them all at home take a few with you to cover the first day or two till you find your way around the local area.

Shampoo – pack a no-more-tears shampoo for the children

Shoes – take an extra pair of shoes/sandals

Take a selection of blow up toys – armbands, rings, blow up ball for the pool or beach, inflatable crocodile, giraffe etc for fun in the pool etc

If you’re traveling with a baby/toddler a mosquito net could be a good investment.

Suncream especially designed for children’s tender skin

Lightweight cotton sun hat

Plug in night light

Baby bottles, sterilizing equipment and formula.

Most hotels/apartments provide towels for your use but this does not usually cover beach use you will need a towel or inflatable chair for this.

Anything you’re child just can settle without – pacifier, favourite soft toy, etc.

All of the above are just suggestions to help with your packing.  Making a list is certainly the easiest way to ensure that nothing gets missed out.

Check with your hotel if you are taking a baby with you regarding their baby food – don’t panic if you’ve forgotten odds and ends, you can always buy them at your holiday destination.

What do your pack in your kids suitcase when traveling? Comment below and let us know.

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