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Travelling with Children – Travelling by Car

Do you plan your family road trips to include loads of breaks or is it pedal to the metal until you get to your destination?

If you intend travelling a fairly long distance by car it’s a good idea to get organised well before your due to go.

Ensure the car is in tip-top condition, get it checked out, check your tyres are legal, your road tax is about to run out and you have a current MOT.

 Car Seats

We all like to think our children are safe when traveling by car. Using a correctly fitted car seat can help

The law requires all children traveling in cars to use the correct child restraint until they are either 135 cm in height or the age of 12 (which ever they reach first)

After this they must use an adult seat belt.

It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that children under the age of 14 years are restrained correctly in accordance with the law.

Get more information about child car seat laws and other useful information @ http://www.childcarseats.org.uk/

Take time to decide the best route for you – try to figure in some fun stops – restaurants with a play areas are the ideal place for children to run off their energy and get a toilet stop before the next leg of the journey.

Think about travelling through the night (only if you’re not tired) – the traffic should be lighter and if the children have been running around all day they will quickly fall asleep with the motion of the car.

Invest in some removable shades for windows.  They are the ideal way to protect your children from the heat and glare of the sun.

Must Have Items for Long Car Journeys

  • Lightweight blankets
  • Baby Wipes are indispensable
  • First Aid Kit
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Invest in a potties – for those need to go now moments.
  • Bag for rubbish

Keeping Them Entertained

It’s a good idea to get the children to each pack a small backpack of things to do in the car.

  • pictures to colour in
  • books to read and puzzle books
  • Audio books
  • Portable DVD player and some favourite DVD’s
  • Electronic Toys
  • A selection of snacks

A car journey is a great way to spend quality time with your children, have fun with them making up games you can play together in the car.    If you have age gaps between your children get them to play together against you.

Make up a story about things you see as you travel along the road, everyone can take a turn to add in a line or two – you’ll be amazed at the things they notice!

Give them something to look out for as they travel – perhaps they could count the number of orange cars they pass or school signs they see.

A sing song always makes a car journey seem quicker – take a CD they like along with you – you could be listening to it quite a few times so make sure it’s one you like too.

Above all have fun with your family.

What are your tips for traveling by car? why not send us your favourite tips using our easy comments box below.

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