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Travelling with Children

Take the stress and strain out of travelling with small children by making it a fun experience for the whole family.

If you’re thinking of staying in a hotel always check out family deals, especially if your children are not yet school age and you can travel at any time, you’ll find some great off season deals available.

Many hotels offer kids clubs where there is an attendant available to keep an eye on them, these are a great way for your children to interact with others but be sure to check them out first, especially the children to attendant ratio.

A couple of months before you’re due to head off remember to check with your doctor to ensure you have all the necessary prescriptions ready and if you’re travelling further afield always check which, if any, jabs are required.

Be aware of the weather conditions wherever you’re going and take appropriate clothing in your hand luggage as it may well be cold and wet when you leave the UK but the sun is sure to be shining in the Mediterranean- don’t forget that when you return home the sun is unlikely to follow you back and you and your children will feel the change in temperatures.

Make sure you and your family have adequate medical insurance and if travelling in the EU don’t forget your medical cards and suntan lotion with a high SPF rating for children’s soft skin as they tend to burn quickly.

Try to make the build up to the holiday fun for the kids by getting them to look at the country you are to visit, helping with the holiday clothes collection and let them choose a few small toys to take with them in their hand luggage– these will help the boredom related to car travel and airport waiting times as well as flight times – we may well be happy to relax for  a few hours as we head towards our destination but this is rarely the case for children who always find it difficult to sit still for any length of time.

If you’re heading off on  a long haul flight make sure to take a long some basic things for the kids to play with colouring books and pencils, their favourite handheld games (fully charged) and a favourite book to read

Since you could well be travelling for 12 hours or more think about something fun and comfortable to cuddle into to help them sleep, the SnooziHedz from Trunki is an ideal travel companion that is available in a range of character options that both girls and boys.

You’re sure to have a great time when you’re on holiday and as always when you’re enjoying yourself time goes so quickly.

Before you head back home think of a few small toys etc that your children can play with on the way back home and can show off to friends on their return.

We’ve left the most important thing of all to last ……..HAVE FUN!!!!

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