Treat Yourself to a touch of Christmas Luxury

We were delighted when Smith & Kinghorn kindly sent us over one of their Festive Hampers to put through its paces – oh the stresses and strains we’re put under at work (haha!)

Delivered by courier and well packaged in a strong cardboard box was a lovely Christmas red, cardboard hamper box and we couldn’t wait to take a look at the contents which were tantalisingly hidden by straw packaging.

Smith & Kinghorn have made the contents of their hampers the main ingredient, although the packaging is delightful the contents defintely wear the crown and we can see why.

Who wouldn’t love to sink their teeth into one of the six traditionally baked mincemeat tarts that’s infused with 12 year old Glenfiddich single malt whisky – not me and I quickly sank my teeth into one before the rest of the team had a chance.  Fortunately there was 6 in the box and only 5 members of staff – leaving a little extra one for me to have tonight with my hot chocolate or as it has a long use buy date, should I save it for Santa when he visits on Christmas Eve? – decisions, decisions.

Things just got better and better as I removed even more contents from this Aladdin’s Cave of deliciousness -Walkers shortbread fingers, Mrs Darlington’s Cranberry Sauce with Port – a perfect accompaniment for the turkey on Christmas day, sneakily hidden at the bottom of the box is my own Christmas day favourite. Forget the turkey and the prawns, it’s time to dim the lights and get ready to applaud the arrival of the flaming, Christmas Pud – in my mind it just can’t be beaten and the Fox’s Christmas Pudding that comes with this festive hamper is perfect for all the family – or just me depending on how greedy I am.

Forget the 12 days of Christmas this hamper contains the 12 tastes of Christmas and if you take a lok at the full contents list below you’ll understand why:

  • Fox’s Christmas Pudding (454g)
  • Thorntons Truffles (115g)
  • Mercer Apple Sage & Cider Jelly (140g)
  • Rose Farm Harvest Chutney (117g)
  • Walkers Shortbread Fingers wrapped (160g)
  • Mrs Darlington’s Cranberry Sauce with Port (200g)
  • Brewhoho – Christmas Tea 25’s (50g)
  • Thorncroft Cordial (330ml)
  • Epicure Pate (180g)
  • Cottage Delight Strawberry Extra Jam (227g)
  • Atkins & Potts Brandy Sauce (240g)
  • Walkers Glenfiddich Mincemeat Tarts x 6 (372g)

I’m sure we all know someone who’d love to find one of these luxury festive hampers from Smith & Kinghorn under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning, after all who could resist tucking into these Christmas essentials? Luxury mince pies, Shortbread fingers, chocolate truffles and a those other all important seasonal essentials including brandy sauce and a box of Christmas Tea for tea lovers. Last but not least and best of all – all these products come from British Companies and they taste absolutely fantastic.

Will you give a hamper as a gift this Christmas?  Get in touch and let us know.

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  1. ryan
    December 12, 2014 / 2:03 pm

    my parents would love this

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