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Turn that frown upside down

As parents we all love to see our children happy and smiling but how do you turn that frown upside down?

Do you have a certain something that guarantees loads of laughs?

We’ve put together some suggestions of our own why not give them a try next time your little one is down in the dumps.

  • Say “ Right kids, jump into the car we’re going for ice cream!
  • Watch a funny film/TV programme with them
  • Take part in one of their games – see who can stand on one leg longest.
  • Pillow fights are a guaranteed smile finder
  • Knock Knock jokes are always good for a laugh
  • Tickle them
  • Take them somewhere they’ve been wanting to go – the beach, favourite restaurant, farm park, zoo etc
  • Read them a fun story
  • Ask them to tell you a funny story – remember to laugh along.
  • Get the old photo’s out and laugh together at you as a little girl or them covered in chocolate etc.
  • Make up a silly song and sing it together

Do you have something that always makes your child smile?

What made you smile when you were little?

Get in touch we’d love to know.

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