Twilight Turtle

Twilight Turtle is the ultimate cute bedroom necessity for any child who is afraid or uncomfortable of the dark.  Twilight Turtle is a soothing night light and it not only helps your children sleep, but you can teach them 8 of the most recognisable constellations while reading them their favourite bedtime story.   This has many features, which include;-

  • Twilight Glowing Turtle
  • 3 relaxing colours
  • 8 of the most recogniseable constellations

Twilight Turtle

This cute night time companion, twilight turtle will transform nurseries and bedrooms into starry wonderlands that will mesmerise kids and insomniac adults alike.

Thanks to Twilight Turtle’s magical light show, your little angels should have no problems nodding off to sleep. You can even choose between three soothing colour options: blue, green or amber.

The Twilight Turtle emits a warm ambient glow from his shell, casting eight night sky constellations on to the walls of your child’s bedroom. Compare prices for this Top Christmas Gift 2010 at a glance.

Twilight Turtle night light

Twilight Turtle is a soothing night light and with 3 relaxing colours it not only helps your children sleep, but you can teach them 8 of the most recognisable constellations while reading them their favourite bedtime story.

Besides making the Twilight Turtle look gorgeous in the dark, the three colours of the nightlight apparently have a practical use:

the autumnal glow of amber radiates warmth, good cheer and peace;

blue is supposed to calm the mind and the senses – it’s one of the most natural colours in the world (just think about how many blue things you see every day: the sky, the sea etc. It encourages relaxation and promotes a good night’s sleep;

green is the colour of life – it too can be found everywhere in nature and is said to have healing and rejuvenating properties. So not only is Twilight Turtle a soft plush turtle with a star emitting shell, it’s also a great relaxation aid for your child.

Growing up is hard enough without being afraid of the dark. Wouldn’t you want a furry friend to light the way to good nights sleep?

Twilight Turtle is the perfect gift for a little one and a Top Christmas Gift 2010 .

Twilight Turtle Features

•A plush turtle nightlight with a hard, light-up shell.

•The shell has eight star constellations carved into it, so when you switch on the turtle’s night light, stars will be projected on your child’s wall.

•The light will automatically switch off after 45 minutes but you can easily switch it back on by re-pressing the “on” button.

•Twilight turtle glows three relaxing colours: amber, blue and green.

The Twilight Turtle projects the following constellations:

•Orion (famous for Orion’s Belt).
•Draco – The Dragon.
•Ursa Minor – The little Dipper (contains Polaris, the North Pole Star).
•Canis Major – The Greater Dog.
•Pegasus – The Winged Horse.
•Ursa Major.
•A crescent moon (not really a constellation, but seeing as it is part of the night sky we’ll let them off).
•Includes a certificate of adoption for your Turtle and a booklet explaining the constellations and a story all about your child’s new turtle friend.
•Suitable for children aged 3 years +.
•Requires 3 x AAA batteries (included).
•Size: 30 x 19 x 12cm.


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