Tweet the UK to digilympic success!

Would you like to choose who would win the Olympics without being charged for result fixing?

Digilympics is a hassle free, twitter powered race where you can help your Olympic (Lego mini figure) favourite over the finish line and you won’t need tickets either!

The competition is open to anyone on the web, allowing them to Tweet their team to success using one of four unique Twitter accounts (UK_Digi, US_Digi, CA_Digi & JP_Digi).

There are 4 teams in the Digilympics – UK, US, Canada and Japan and by posting Tweets in support of a particular account you will help move that country’s lego athlete physically along a running track.

This  amazing race features 4 lego figures – one for each country competing and the more tweets you make the nearer to the finish line your favourite competitor will get to winning the prestigious Digilympic Gold Medal.

At the end of each race the results will be recorded and all the athletes go back to the starting line.    The team who have won most races by the end of the week will be awarded the Gold Medal at

Fingers on the buttons and get ready to tweet your country to Digilympic Gold, as the more tweets you make the closer to the finish line your favourite competitor will get.

This is no longer available.

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