UFO Space Messenger

See your message in the sky with the UFO Space Messenger which features:-

  • Display LED messages
  • 10 Metre distance
  • Age 8 +
  • Batteries required

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UFO Space Messenger

This cool remote controlled flying toy will display up to 7 characters of your choice anywhere within a 10 metres range that you want to send it. Write a quick note and fly it off around the office so everyone gets to know what you have to say.

The Space messenger requires 6AAA batteries and using its propelling action rises vertically displaying your messages as it flies. Your biggest challenge will be to write a short message of just 7 characters and you thought twitter posts were difficult.

The remote controlled flying space messenger is a great item for ages 8 – adult. Looking like a purple sci fi droid, the Infra Red flying UFO Space Messenger will look fantastic when used at night, stun your friends with clever messages that light up.

Specifications for UFO Space Messenger

  • Remote Controlled
  • LED Message Display
  • Age 8 –adult
  • Displays up to 7 characters as it flies

Are you too shy to propose to the woman or man of your dreams?  MarryMe is only 7 letters – light up the sky when you propose with your UFO Space Messenger.

The space messenger is fully programmable so you can write your own message in the sky.

The controller requires 6AAA batteries (which are not included) The Space Messenger has an internal Li-Poly battery which is charged by the controller

With this new remote controlled LED display Space Messenger the only limit is your imagination.

Whats in the R/C Messengers Box

  •  UFO Space Messenger
  • Remote

Stun your family and friends with messages using LED light technology as your remote controlled UFO Space Messenger flies up into the sky.

What seven characters will you use first?  Challenge your mates to come up with the best 7 letter message – the winner gets to light up their message in the sky.

UFO Space Messenger Reviews.

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