UnderTheChristmasTree Top Ten Mince Pies This Christmas 2014

Mince pies are a must come Christmas; they have to be generously  filled, have melt-in-the-mouth crumbly pastry and of course lashings of brandy butter.  UnderTheChristmasTree Team has tried and tested 10 mince pies to help you find the perfect one, it was a tough job but someone had to do it!

Top ten mince pies for Christmas 2014

1. Homemade – Nana’s mince pies.
homemade mince piesNana is the winner! As all of our loyal visitors will know UnderTheChristmasTree is a family business so we felt it only right we included our Nana’s generously (and we mean filling coming out of the sides) filled mince pies.  Not only could we eat them the second she lifted them from the oven,  but she knows exactly how we like them – not too thick pastry, sherry soaked mincemeat and in boxes of at least 12! There is a secret ingredient, however she won’t let us in on that secret.

2. Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference All Butter Mince pies
Sainsbury's Taste The Difference All Butter Mince piesCould we taste the difference?….yes we could! Sainsbury’s mince pies come in a stunning gold box which is adorned with white snowflakes, inside lurk the tastiest, crumbliest mince pies we tasted this year. With a heavy brandy mincemeat filling and holly design on the top, add a dash of brandy butter and you will simply fall in love.  Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference All Butter Mince Pies are £2.50 for six.

3. Iceland Deluxe Mince Pies
Iceland Deluxe Mince PiesPacked full of sweet and fruity mincemeat all encased in a very crumbly (you will find crumbs everywhere!) and buttery pastry.  We adored these and at only £1.50 for a pack of six we could easily afford to keep the cupboards stocked up with them.

4. Asda Extra Special Mince Pies
Asda Extra Special Mince PiesEven though these were a little plain on design, they had a very boozy filling and the pastry did melt-in-the-mouth.  Rich in taste and nicely finished with a dusting of Icing sugar and went well with some custard.

These are priced at £1.89 for 4 at Asda.

5. Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference 9 Mini Ecclefechan & Mincemeat Tarts
Sainsbury's Taste The Difference 9 Mini Ecclefechan & Mincemeat TartsThese small tarts pack a punch! full of sweet flavour (if you have a sweet tooth you will love them) and you can really taste the maple and pecan mincemeat. You can eat hot or cold, the only downside…they are small but you do get nine in a pack.  Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference 9 Mini Ecclefechan & Mincemeat Tarts are £2.50

6. Aldi Specially Selected Luxury Mince Pies
Aldi Specially Selected Luxury Mince PiesJohn loved how zesty these were, full of orange and a soft crumbly pastry he felt if you liked a moist texture and orange flavours then these are the choice for you.

These come in a gorgeous box of 6 for £1.69.

7. Tesco Iced Top Mince Pies
tesco iced mince piesLooking for indulgence – these are very rich! Topped with fondant icing instead of the usual pastry, you will taste the cinnamon and mixed spices.

Although they tasted nice after one we couldn’t have had another as they are very sweet and sickly.

Tesco Iced top mince pies £1.30 for six.

8. Morrisons Shortcrust Mince Pies 6 per pack
Morrisons Shortcrust Mince Pies 2014These were (for us) a little dry and didn’t have just as much rich taste as the others however if you don’t have a dessert tooth these would be perfect and we don’t think Santa would mind one or two of these when he’s dropping off your presents.  Morrisons Shortcrust Mince Pies 6 per pack for £1.49

9. Sainsbury’s six deep mince pies
 Sainsbury's six deep mince pies 2014Enriched with butter and filled deeply with fruity mincemeat, these are packed full of raisins and sultana’s (a little to much for us) but they are the perfect partner with a good cup of hot tea.  Sainsbury’s six deep mince pies £1.30.

10. Tesco Everyday Value Mince Pies
tesco value mince piesEasy to eat, thinner pastry and not very deeply filled, however they do taste great and won’t leave you feeling like you have just munched on a packet of sugar and at 65p for six….could you really complain?!  Tesco Everyday Value Mince Pies £0.65p for 6.

What mince pie do you think tastes the best?  Let us know your comment below!

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