Unicorn Smarties are here but we want CHRISTMAS Smarties!

2018 is surely the year of the Unicorn as Nestle have now released a special edition pack dedicated to the fairytale creature which will hit shelves next week BUT we want to know, when will Christmas Smarties become a thing?

We wont go until we’ve got some!

Unicorn Smarties

OK, so when Nestle announced the special pink and blue Unicorn Smarties we knew it was going to be a big deal, especially as the mythical creature has got everyone on social media buzzing with food creations and even tattoos.

Stephanie Scales, Brand Manager for Smarties, Nestlé UK, said: “We are really excited to launch Unicorn Smarties sharing bags which are right on trend for all of those completely under the spell of the unicorn craze to share with their families and friends.”


But, yes there is a but, when will Christmas get it’s own dedicated Smartie, yes we know the first ever orange tubes were released last December AND new Salted Caramel MatchMakers also hit shelves however we were thinking more…red, gold and green of the legendary sweets.

Whilst we have put this to Nestle who got back to us, Stephanie Scales, Smarties Brand Manager said: “It is not a Santa special, but plenty to come at Christmas.”

We’ve also tried to come up with a few names for the sweets… Christies? Santa’s Smarties?

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