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Valentine’s Day Rhymes

What Valentines Day Card Rhyme Do You Remember?

Do you remember when, still at school, and the lad that caught your eye didn’t know you even existed?

The fact that he was a spotty faced book worm didn’t put you off one little bit and as valentines day grew closer we (all the girls) gathered together to discuss whether or not to get him (swoon!) a card and what were our chances of getting one back.

After a deal of consultation it was usually decided that we would send one but upholding tradition our name would not be on the card that way if we didn’t get one in return we could easily deny that we had sent it.

No card ever got sent out blank – it was invariably covered in valentine messages but do you remember the ones you wrote on your card as you tried desperately to disguise your handwriting.

What about the envelopes? They certainly didn’t get missed out. Many a postman would have had a job on his hands reading some addresses through the many messages written all over them.

Do you remember

  • S.W.A.L.K – sealed with a loving kiss?
  • Or ITALY – I trust and love you.
  • Postie Postie, Do not tarry, take this to the boy I’ll marry.
  • Postie Postie Don’t be slow, be like Elvis Go man Go!

There are so many and the more we think (and we laugh to ourselves) about them the more keep popping into our minds.

Those were the days – what are your favourite and/or fun valentine messages?  Send us your favourite below.

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