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Vegetarian Alternatives When Visiting The Chip Shop

It’s the weekend, your walking past the chip shop and you have just given up eating meat but you smell the hamburgers or battered sausages cooking, so how can you still have these things but using vegetarian food instead of meat?

First thing, go into the chip shop and treat yourself to a portion of chips, then head home make up a batter mix and make your own battered sausage to go with your chips.

Or is a quarter pounder supper the thing that you miss the most? Fear not, again go to the chip shop and buy yourself some chips, then head home and get a Quorn Quarter Burger out, cook it and put it into a roll with cheese or you could have lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise.

Whatever you miss from the chip shop, you can find a meat-free alternative so there’s no need to miss out on your chip shop favourites just because you don’t eat meat!

What do you eat as a meat-free alternative when visiting the chip shop? Comment below and let us know.

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