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Vegetarian Easter Dinner

Not everyone eats meat these days but just because you eat meat does not mean to say that you can’t want or like vegetarian food instead of having a meat option.

Gone are the days when vegetarian food wasn’t quite as tasty as it is today. So what vegetarian food can you use instead of  meat?

Vegetarian food company Quorn offer lots of different meat-free alternatives to meals which traditionally only used meat-based products such as cottage pie, spaghetti bolognese or even a fry up on a Sunday morning can be completely vegetarian with bacon now being made by Quorn as meat-free and Quorn Sausages now available.

Seeing that Easter is on it’s way, why not try an alternative Easter meal by swapping your meat-based products with vegetarian options?

So what can you make as a main meal for Easter?

You can still have roasted potatoes, carrots, peas, turnip, vegetable gravy, stuffing, cabbage, broccoli, Yorkshire pudding and any of the trimmings that you may include in your Easter dinner but instead of having a turkey, lamb, chicken, beef or pork why not substitute your meat for a Quorn Family Joint. Instead of having meat-based chipolatas try the new Quorn chipolatas instead. This will provide you with a completely meat-free meal for Easter.

What about a starter?

If you making soup for example, vegetable soup, don’t use a meat based stock cube use the vegetarian ones, they taste great in the soup but there’s no actual meat in the soup.

Make a small vegetarian quiche such as cheese and onion, cheese and tomato or cheese and spinach

If you are making a dessert at home, you can control what products you use. Most products are suitable for vegetarians but always check the back of the packet before you buy. If you are buying jelly make sure that you check the back of the pack as not all jelly is suitable for vegetarians.

These are just a few ideas for a vegetarian Easter dinner.

Will you be making a vegetarian Easter meal or an alternative meal or will you be having meat? Comment below and let us know what you will be making for Easter dinner.

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