Vegetarianism in the UK

Increasing more people in the UK are adopting a vegetarian diet into their lifestyle.

The Vegetarian Society estimates that there are currently between 3 and 4 million vegetarians in the UK.

It may surprise you to know that there are twice as many women who are vegetarians than men.

Many who class themselves as vegetarian strictly are not, although they may have chosen not to eat meat they continue eating fish (Pescatarians) or chicken and turkey (Pollotarians).

A vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat or fish of any kind.  There are also different types of vegetarianism

>If you eat eggs but not dairy products then your are an Ovo vegetarian

If you include dairy but not eggs your are a Lacto vegetarian

If you exclude all animal meats and products (including milk, honey and eggs), you may also exclude products tested on animals or clothing (such as leather) from animals your are a Vegan

If you include all of the above and eat only fresh and uncooked fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetables which can only be cooked up to a certain temperature you are a Raw Vegan.

If you only eat plant matter that can be gathered without harming the planet, fruit, nuts and seeds then your are a Fruitarian.

The country with the highest percentage of vegetarians is India.

Around 50% of Indians are strict vegetarians while the other 50% rarely (some only once a week) eat meat.

Would you consider becoming vegetarian?  Do you find that your eating habits are changing and you now include more ‘meat free’ meals in your diet?

Get in touch below and share your favourite vegetarian recipe with us.

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