Jetfire Transformers 2 is a mighty alloy for the decepticons and has electronic speech, light up eyes and chest. What child doesnt love transformers? This set has many features, some of which include;-

  • Electronic Speech
  • Light Up Chest & Eyes
  • Moving Armour Panels

Unfortunately this item is no longer available

Jetfire Transformers 2

transformers jetfire boys toy 2010

Jetfire grew tired of war a long time ago. The reckless ambition of the evil decepticons® and the senseless violence of their war sickened transformers jetfire so he left cybertrontm to go into hiding. Jetfire chose a form on earth which seemed appropriate as it kept him unseen.

He slumbered in peace for many years but has since been reawakened by the arrival of war on earth and has once again decided to enter the fight but this time is on the side of the Autobots and this time to end it for good, whatever the cost. Jetfire Transformers 2 toy has some cool features.

In robot mode, this mighty ally features electronic speech and light-up eyes and chest that are sure to discourage enemy attackers. In SR-71 Blackbird jet mode, get in gear with combat and cool conversion sounds. This jetfire transformers 2 toy alos features moving armour panels and internal gears which allows you to recreate some of your favourite jetfire transformers 2 film scenes – or you can create some of your own. Team this kids toys figure with this awesome ally and roll out!

whats in the box?

Below is a list of what you will find in the box when it arrives

    • jetfire transformers 2 toy
    • 2 AA POWRFUEL batteries

Jetfire Transformers 2 Toy

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