Vtech KidiActive 2 in 1 Skipping Rope

Count, dance and twirl all at the same time with the colourful Vtech KidiActive 2 in 1 skipping rope which is suitable for children age 3 plus. The 2 in 1 skipping rope features:

  • Rope that transforms into dance ribbon
  • Four rope modes and four ribbon modes
  • Counting, timestable and targets
  • Sounds, instruments and different tunes
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries
  • Suitable for age 3 plus
  • Available At Amazon UK

Vtech has entered the outdoor market with a range of new KidiActive toys including this Vtech KidiActive 2 in 1 Skipping Rope which we at UnderTheChristmasTree can say is bright, bold, educational and most importantly a whole lot of jumping fun.

At first glance you will notice just how fun the skipping rope looks; with very long purple rope, green hard plastic handles and on top of each handle is a orange smiley face, one which is winking and another sticking it’s tongue out.

When you turn on the Vtech 2 in 1 skipping rope you will be greeted with hi lets jump and play, are you ready to jump and count? with some bouncy music playing in the background. The voice is clear and loud so your child will be able to hear exactly what they are to do even if outside playing. You can then turn the face to the desired number of skips you want to do and follow the instructions.

Your child can set targets to jump to which will help to teach timestables and counting plus they will also hear a number of different sound effects as they do this. Parents will love how Vtech has incorporated being active, learning and interacting into one toy.

Let’s move onto the dance and twirl part, now after quite a few minutes of hunting for the ribbon and a lot of ‘maybe you have to buy this separately’ we then did the obvious….checked the back of the box and wallah it told us exactly where it is, if you twist the top of the orange head which is winking off you will see the ribbon. Just like the skipping, twist to the desired number for different music and even change the speed.

You will require 2 AAA batteries however most are included, parents can also sigh with relief knowing Vtech have introduced automatic shut off, so if your child throws it into the cupboard not to be looked at until tomorrow and then there’s the delightful scream and tears as they cant play with the toy because battery is dead this wont be the case with the automatic shut off.

Here is Holly with a YouTube demonstration on the Vtech KidiActive 2 in 1 Skipping Rope:

KidiActive 2 in 1 Skipping Rope Reviews

Do you already own this exciting educational toy? If so, we’d love to hear what both you and your child think of it. You can contact us below.

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