Vtech Kidiminiz Pets

Kidiminiz Pets by Vtech come in four different characters and colours. You can even choose which facial features you prefer your kidiminiz to have! There are different variations of the kidiminiz pets, which include;-

  • Kidiminiz Pet Bunny (Pink)
  • Kidiminiz Pet Kitten (Pink & Purple)
  • Kidiminiz Pet Puppy (Blue & Green)
  • Kidiminiz Pets Kitten (Green & White)

Available from the following UK suppliers:

Vtech Kidiminiz Pets

Vtech Kidiminiz Pets are the latest interactive toddlers toy to be released by Vtech for 2011. There are 4 to collect which are:

  • Kidiminiz Pet Bunny (Pink)
  • Kidiminiz Pets Kitten (Pink & Purple)
  • Kidiminiz Pet Puppy (Blue & Green)
  • Kidiminiz Pets Kitten (Green & White)

With the new Vtech Kidiminiz Pets, kids will have their very own pet to look after. When you hold out the pet’s food, it will follow you or you can make the pet dance by clapping your hands. These cute toddlers toys will also sing a cute greeting when you take it to meet on of its friends.

If the other Kidiminiz aren’t around you could always play the fun minigames with your pet and you can even set the built-in alarm click to wake you up in the morning with music. You can also pick the eyes, mouth and nose of your Kidiminiz Interactive Pets that you like the most to decide what you pet will look like. These kids toys require 3 x AAA batteries and is suitable for ages 3 years and up.

Whats will be in the box?

Take a look what the kids toys box will include when it arrives at your door:

  • 1 X Vtech Kidiminiz Pets
  • 1 x Instructions Manual
  • 3 x AAA batteries (Included)

Specifications for Vtech Kidiminiz Pets

Here is the full specifications for these toddlers toys for 2011:

  • Created by Vtech
  • Based on Kidiminiz Pets
  • Requires 3 x AAA batteries
  • Suitable for ages 3 years and up

Vtech Kidiminiz Pets Reviews

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Are you looking for vtech kidiminiz pets reviews? This section is dedicated in bringing you all of the latest reviews for these kids toys. As this is a brand new toy and only just released, there are no reviews available yet but they will be placed here as soon as they are available.

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