Vtech Switch and Go Dinos

Children age 3 and older are going to love the new Vtech Switch and Go Dinos! They are electronic dinosaurs which can make sounds, talk, tell you interesting facts on dinosaurs and with just a few simple steps can be transformed in to their very own car! At the moment there are 4 switch and go dinos to collect but we are pretty sure Vtech will release more in summer 2012.

Let us introduce you to these far from instinct dinosaurs, we have the bright yellow Mohawk the Stegasuraus who is safe on the roads but if anyone annoys him he can use his spikey tail to defend himself. Lex the T-Rex just is exactly what you would think a T-rex would be – fiesty and king of the road and lizards. Horns the Triceratops who is strong and tough can take to the roads like any pro with his orange spikey horns you wont get in his way! and last but by no means least is Wing the Pteranodon who can fly high and fast and go fast on the roads to.

These new switch and go toys are a great way to help children learn while still having fun and would make a great gift but will require 2xAAA batteries to work which most UK retailer do include these.

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