VTech Toddlers Toys

Designed to toddlers provide educational features as well as making the toy lots of fun!

Vtech always keeps up to date with what new toys kids are looking for including incorporating big brands such as Disney, Cars, Ben 10, Chuggington and lots more to make their interactive learning toys fun.

In  2011, vtech released a whole range of toys which includes the VTech Mobigo pink and Mobigo blue. These are handheld devices and have a touch screen.

Also in the range for 2011 is vtech remote control racing car is perfect for any adventurous child. Vtech Toot Toot’s Garage is a fun interactive garage suitable for toddlers. VTech Kidiminiz Pets allows kids to have their very own pet to look after. VTech have also released a toy called the 3 in 1 Zebra Scooter which combines learning with fun as they become a wildlife explorer.

The VTech Storio is always a popular toddlers toy every year. It is a unique interactive reading system which allows kids to watch the story and they can also teaches reading, letters and more. Vtech Kidizoom Video Camera is a cool video camera features a tough design and easy operation and was released in 2010.

VTech Mobigo Pink With Disney Princess

The vtech mobigo pink provides kids with hours of fun.

It teaches them school skills aswell such as English, maths, colours, shapes and more and includes a disney princess cartridge where “Happily ever after” happens every day. This handheld device also features a QWERTY keyboard.

VTech Mobigo Blue with Cars 2

The vtech mobigo blue provides kids with lots of fun while teaching them school skills.

The skills include: English, maths, colours, shapes and more and also comes with a cars 2 cartridge where Mater and Lightning McQueen are in Radiator Springs and mater is spinning tales about all of his great adventures. This toys also has a has a QWERTY keyboard .

With the vtech remote control racing bear car, kids can have lots of fun racing the beat around with the remote control and they can learn at the same time with colours, shapes and road safety.

The colourful, chunky car and controller allows your child to move the remote control racing bear by using direction keys or by using the mini steering wheel.

Vtech Toot Toot Drivers Garage

The Vtech Toot Toot Drivers Garage includes a tow truck that your little one can drive around the garage triggering various fun responses and interactive phrases.

The Toot Toot Drivers Garage makes learning numbers and music fun and this popular toy will become one of your favourite toddlers toy.

Vtech Kidiminiz Pets

Kidiminiz Pets from VTech are the brand new interactive toy for kids.

Feed the pets, dance and listen to them sing, these Kidiminiz interactive pets will be your new best friend. These cute toddlers toys will also sing a cute greeting when you take it to meet on of its friends.

VTech 3 In 1 Zebra Scooter

Kids can now combine learning with fun with this brand new Vtech Zebra Scooter. 

With three interactive modes of play, phrases and lights, this toy will provide children with hours of fun. It has three interactive modes of play, the electronic learning panel teaches kids colours, animals and habitats and also has encouraging phrases and lights.

Gadget the Interactive Robot

Kids aged 3 – 7 years are going to fall in love with Gadget the Robot.
Interactive and fun he dances at the clap of your hands and helps teach numbers, letters and more.

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