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We have been here before? – Families revisiting the places they went on holiday as a child

A new study by online travel website – TravelSupermarket shows that families are going back to destinations they visited when they were younger.

Being called the ‘retro holiday’ or ‘inherited holiday’ the study found that 27 per cent of Brits have headed back to a childhood holiday place at least once in the last couple of years – Have you?

Heading off on holiday was once an exciting adventure to a destination we had never been to before, however it seems more and more of us want to get back to where we went to when we were younger.

The research also gave an indication of generational differences by revealing some of the top holiday activities of our childhood with those over 55 remembering having ice cream and building a sandcastle.

However, adults age 18 to 34 had visited more museums (13 per cent), went camping or even being entered into a competition as part of their childhood family holidays.

Bob Atkinson, Travel Expert at TravelSupermarket said: ‘Our family holidays give us memories that last a lifetime, so it’s little wonder they’re so important to us.

Britain has some of the best camping, scenery, beaches and historical places to visit – so can you see why families are deciding to re-visit their childhood holidays?

Visiting and staying with family members from across Britain, heading down to your local hot spots which you once holidayed at can not only bring back life-long memories and create new ones but also make you summer family holiday more cost effective.

Have you re-visited old family holidays you once used to go on? Will you go on a ‘retro-holiday’ this year?  Let us and other know by using our comments box below:

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