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1940s ByGone ChristmasesAnother month another decade and this time we flaunt our way into the fabulous 1940’s.

UnderTheChristmasTree have been taking a look back at different decades each month, where we look at everything from television to fashion at the best time of the year – Christmas. 

This month we’re onto the 1940’s, and what a great decade it was.

Despite half of the decade being consumed with war, things like Christmas were still celebrated but due to rations, celebrations became trickier – actually, getting a good meal became trickier.

Christmas like we mentioned was still celebrated, but on a smaller scale – outfits were invariably made from fabric that was collected over the year and gifts were invariably gas masks and sleeping bags for the shelters.

The war of course meant that people’s priorities were much different and many children asked for the war to end in their letters to Santa Claus.


Food and drink was rationed throughout the decade due to the war where things like fresh fruits weren’t freely available.  Meat was either ‘home grown’ or was a special treat which meant that it was only eaten on special occasions, such as Christmas.

Television and film was growing more popular after the war in Britain, and radio was being listened to mainly to hear news updates from the ongoing war throughout the decade.

1940 christmas movie white christmas

Fashion was similar to the previous decade with flared skirts, tea dresses and chic accessories all making an appearance.

We talk a lot more about vintage Christmas and how it was celebrated in the UK during the decade throughout the month.  Everything from fun 40’s facts to music and Christmas films.

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