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Were You One Of Thousands Who Shopped Online On Christmas Day?

An estimated £636m was spent by online shoppers on Christmas day. Around 142 million visits were estimated to have browsed retail sites which is a whopping 25% increase on last year. Were you one of the shoppers?

Research by Experian and online trading association IMRG found that Britons spent around £441,000 a minute.

The ease of shopping online via connected devices raises the prospect of a very large amount of shopping activity on Christmas Day itself,” said Experian general manager of consumer insight Giles Longhurst.

“It is clear that UK consumers now see shopping from the comfort of their own home, following Christmas Day dinner, as much of a tradition as a turkey and ham dinner.”

Dominic Trigg, managing director for Europe of digital advertising technology company Rocket Fuel, said: “Shopping online on Christmas Day is now a normal part of UK consumers’ holiday experiences every year.

Were you one of thousands who went online shopping on Christmas day? Comment below and let us know.

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