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Wet and Cold – Get creative indoors!

Autumn has came upon us quicker than the kids heading back to school, and with that in mind, more rainy days (if that is possible!) are likely to be here.

Keeping your little ones busy and creative to help with their development can become more strained especially as they can’t get outside as much.

Below are some fun and creative ideas for your kids during autumn:

To start you could keep a “creative box” where all paints, pencils, paper, glue, glitter and even some plastic cups could go into, this not only teaches your child to put away all of their accessories after finishing but it also helps mum and dad with the cleaning up!

Build a house – Use an empty cardboard box to create a big mansion, a truck, an animal – or whatever your child likes. You could cut up pieces of the box to create different shapes such as windows, or even a face and decorate with colourful ribbon or by painting it.

Get messy with paper marche – Yup paper marche which we did when we were younger is so easy and a whole lot of fun. All you need is old newspaper, glue and water – create fun shapes, objects and more.

Top Tip: Why not dedicate a wall in their room, in the kitchen or somewhere visible for your child to put their art work on!

Make your family – You can now save all those empty toilet rolls and juice bottles (even keep the lids!) and let your kids make a family.

Use the lids as noses, stick on paper clothes which they have painted and even use wool for hair, this is fun and budget friendly!

Bring outside, inside! – Don’t worry this isn’t about bringing in mud, or even any bugs! As autumn is here the leaves on the tree will start to fall off, and with an array of beautiful colours like red and orange why not collect them up and start painting them, add glitter or even paste on to a piece of paper.

Helping to get your little ones outside on dryer days and even helping you with keep those fallen leaves off the garden!

Finger painting – Yes this old classic is fun, exciting and unfortunately a little messy. Get some paper, stick your fingers in the paint and start being arty!

Top Tip: Why not put a few black bags down on the floor before you begin – saves the floor from becoming a lovely rainbow!

These are just are just a few ways to help encourage your child to be creative even when the weather is miserable.  After each project it is a good idea to encourage your little one by giving them suggestions, being positive by their work and even sharing it with family and friends.

How do you get your kids to be creative on rainy days?  Tell us how you have fun indoors using our comments box below:

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  1. Anne Thompson
    September 4, 2012 / 6:33 pm

    Baking sessions are always universally popular. Cardmaking, get ahead and make Christmas or birthday cards, using, material, felt, wool scraps of card. You can make sheep, cows, fish- stick on sequins, etc

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