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What Fun Family Outdoor Activities Do You Do?

David and Victoria Beckham and their family were recently spotted at a hockey game in LA and they were also joined by Tom Cruise and his son.

So we ask the question what activities do you and your family do together when your outdoors?

Do you go outside for a game of football or tennis? Or do you play a family board game such as monopoly?

Here are some fun outdoor activities you and your family could do together:

1. Have a barbecue – if the weather is good

2. Play football

3. Get a game of tennis going

4. Go for a picnic in the park

5. If the weather is nice, why not head on down to beach and take some food and bucket & spades etc for a fun day at the beach

6. Fill up the paddling pool for the kids and get the decking chairs out

7. Head on out on a nice family bike-ride

8. Set up some skittles and get a game of bowling set up

9. If cricket is your favourite sport, why not get the family outside together for a game

10. Set up a fun treasure hunt, place clues around the garden and go on a fun family

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What fun outdoor activities do you and your family do? Comment below and let us know.

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