What Is A Sponsored Post?

We sometimes charge for sponsored Q&As or articles/posts. These are one of the revenue streams which allows us to run a free-to-use site. We will always state if the Q&A or article/post has been sponsored and by whom.

We will only host Q&A’s and articles/posts which we feel will be use to our readers at UnderTheChristmasTree and we will not host any Q&A’s and articles/posts with any individual who we did not feel qualified to answer the questions or any article/post which does not provide any value to our readers and is only there to promote a brand.

We do ask in our Q&A’s and our articles/posts that companies do not heavily promote their brand or product.

Please note that most of our Q&A’s and articles/posts are free, however if they have been sponsored we will clearly state that on the relevant page.

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