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What Is The Best Christmas Walford Has Seen?

Christmas wouldn’t be the same if the EastEnders Christmas special didn’t have you weeping over mulled wine and gorging on mince pie’s but with so many HUGE storylines over the festive years we want to know which one was your favourite?

Celebrating it’s 30th Birthday,  the “who killed Lucy” storyline which has gripped the nation (even UnderTheChristmasTree has hundreds of theories, we still think it’s Whitney!) viewers will find out just exactly what happened to poor Lucy Beale on the night of her death and who “dunnit” this Thursday and Friday.

Was this storyline (which ran through Christmas) be top of the list and if not could it be one of these:

Den serving up Angie a cold dish of just dessert by handing her divorce papers? (1986)

Tiff Mitchell fleeing from The Vic from Grant only to be mowed down by Frank Butcher? (1998)

Yet another Beale wedding (he married Mel Healy) which lasted as long as the fruit on his stall!? (1999)

How about when heart-throb Jamie Mitchel was run down by Sonia’s (now husband going to be ex-husband) Martin Folwer – there wasn’t a dry eye in the home. (2002)

There was one time (yes just one) when EastEnders aired a “happy” Xmas day where Kat and Alfie reunited a less dramatic storyline and we are sure its unlikely to happen again anytime soon. (2005)

Who could forget sneaky Lauren Branning planting a DVD of Stacey and Max affair for the whole family to watch! It’s bad enough that Max was caught, but we still cringe at his Santa suit in this episode! (2007)

One of the most (shall we say) memorable storylines has to be Ronnie Mitchel swapping her baby for Kats after finding her little one had died of a tragic cot death. With hundreds of complaints was this your favored story?

Confrontation, fire, death and a twisted Doctor all made 2011’s Christmas day episode a corker! With Masood trying to save his family from the evil force that was Yusef, it was eventually water dripping onto exposed electricals that set the B&B ablaze! Even until this day poor Tamwar still has the burns on his back.

Another lovely wedding, with another bad dress this time around Tanya and Max (again) decide to get hitched, however when Derek Branning (Max brother) decides to cause turmoil by telling everyone his brother is already married the big day as you would have expected is left turned upside down – Oh yeah and Kat’s affair gets found out too.

2013 brought us Mick Carter and his family, Janine being found out regarding who really killed Michael and David Wicks being run down, so you know just a normal day in Easties!

The Truth will out was 2014s motto! With more misery Micks haunting words ‘Christmas you’ll never forget’ were etched inside our minds. Linda finally admits to Mick that Dean raped her on Phil and Sharons wedding day which leads to a huge brawl inside the Queen Vic. The Beales and Brannings join forces for Christmas lunch however when Cindy opened a present intended for her daughter Beth everything turns even more sinister.

Can you pick a favourite out of all these storylines? You can be rest assured the residents of Walford are likely to have many more heart-wrenching specials to come!

Let us know what Christmas episode has been your favourite so far? and if you think you know Who Killed Lucy please share this too.

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