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What Lengths Would You Go To?

It has been revealed that most women will go to any lengths to start labour when nearing their due date. 

A new survey conducted by 77care has concluded that women will try ‘old wives tales’ to encourage their labour.

Women across the globe are trying different methods to help encourage childbirth.  According to the survey, 78% of women have tried spicy foods, such as a curry and a dedicated 39% have eaten an entire pineapple to help their labour along.

Women find the final weeks of pregnancy the hardest, awaiting their child, nerves of childbirth and of course the discomfort of it.  When women are ‘overdue’, it’s not out of the ordinary for them to want the baby to arrive as soon as possible.

A prime example of this is Rosie, aged 33.  Rosie  was 12 days ‘overdue’ with her first baby:

“I was desperate to avoid being induced, so I did literally everything in one day – I went on a long walk, had a hot shower, ate so much pineapple that I was actually sick and even did the deed with my husband. I thought nothing had worked so I had a really spicy curry on the day and cried whilst I was eating it – it was so hot! I was due to be induced at 4pm and felt like I’d got no other options. But it worked. I was 4 cm dilated by noon and had my son that evening…”

We thought we’d put together a few of the most popular ways to encourage labour!

– Obviously, as we’ve already stated, try eating a hot curry!

– Speed bumps. We’re sure a lot of you won’t want to go bouncing over speed bumps to encourage labour, but apparently, it works!

– Go for a long walk

– Castor oil

– Try eating pineapple, it helps to soften the cervix which can bring on labour!

– Blowing up balloons apparently puts pressure on the adomen which helps kickstart labour

– Finally, it’s recommended that sex is an excellent way to bring on labour… Good luck!

What methods have you tried to help bring on labour?

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