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What makes Mum Marvelous

Do you have a Marvelous Mum? what is so special about her? is it the little things she does or is it simply just being your friend? well whatever way she is special to you don’t forget to show her on Mothers Day which in case it may have slipped your mind is Sunday 10th March.

UnderTheChristmasTree hosted a live twitter party on Wednesday 6th of march and asked our followers this exact question.

Below is a few of the tweets made by our amazing followers on what they think make mum marvellous.

What makes mum marvelous is….

1 – @Janbagnall tweeted: that unconditional love makes mum marvellous

2 – @shonamackie tweeted: #MarvelousMums for being my taxi driver when younger letting me make mistakes and picking up pieces and unconditional love

3 – @KerryBrearley tweeted: There are not enough words in one tweet to say why my mum is marvellous. She just is in every way!

4 –@gemmaclark6 tweeted: my mum is marvellous simply cause she is like my best friend 🙂 #MarvellousMum

5 – @LindseyClark20 tweeted: I have a #MarvellousMum because she put up with the most awkward naughty cheeky inquisitive child ever – & still loved me!

6 –@niruhack tweeted: my mum is a super #MarvellousMum because she helped me a lot to become a #MarvellousMum xxx lover her so much!! Xx

7 [email protected] tweeted: #MarvellousMum She can brighten my darkest day just with a smile!

8 – @xxxkellyannxxx tweeted: my mum is amazing, she is fun, uplifting and my best friend. #MarvellousMum

9 – @LardyLover tweeted: My Mum is Fab cos she does so much for other people & for charity-I’m very proud of her x #MarvellousMum

10 – @mymojo32 tweeted: My mum always put me & my brother first & often went without things herself! #MarvellousMum

These are just a few ways which makes mum marvelous.

So the next time mum is nagging about the washing or is stressing about how much work she needs to get through, sit her down and tell her how much she is appreciated.

What makes mum marvelous to you? are you a marvelous mum? comment using our comments box below.

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