What mum’s should do and should not do on Mothering Sunday

Unlike any other normal day of the week where mum’s will usually get up out of bed first, sort the kids out with breakfast, get them ready for school, make sure their partner is ready for the day, try and do cleaning, make lunch and so on and so on, just typing the list is making our fingers burn, it’s only fair that once a year mum is celebrated and spoiled.

Just incase partners and children have forgot Sunday, March 10th is mother’s day aka Mothering Sunday so don’t forget A) the card and B) the present and most of all remember the day is to be about Mum!

This next part is for you mum why not make a little note (we mean long scroll) on what you feel you should be doing on mothers day and what you feel you shouldn’t be doing.

Leave the list next to your partners dinner, inside the car or next to the laptop so it can be “accidentally” found and read.

Below is a list of what we think Mums should and should not being doing on the big day:
Mums Should:

      • Be left to have a proper lie-in, not this extra 5 minutes then she will have to get up and see to things needing to be done we mean a proper lie-in!
      • Get breakfast either in bed or ready made at the table – and don’t leave the kitchen looking like you needed 10 pots for one boiled egg.
      • Expect the housework to be done and dusted for the day.
      • Receive a present and card (doesn’t need to be expensive)
      • Expect to be asked throughout the day if she would like anything such as a cup of tea.
      • Relax and let lunch and dinner be prepared for you. Tip Order a take-out meaning no dishes for children and partners to do!
      • Be able to have the choice of TV/DVD she would like to watch.
      • Be presented with tasty treats such as chocolates and cakes and a glass or two of her favourite tipple.

Mums Should not:

      • Wake up to have to make breakfast.
      • Clean the house.
      • Be made to make lunch and dinner.
      • watch what the partner wants on TV.
      • Listen to any arguments

Making the effort for your spectacular mum on mother’s day will be remembered for the rest of the year or at least you hope it will be.

It is not about spending heaps loads of cash, taking her out for expensive lunches or dinner but more about thoughtful presents, even homemade gifts by the children.

The day should be fun, relaxing and enjoyable for the family…especially mum!

What will you be doing for mum on Mother’s day? Comment using our comments box below.

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