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When Did You Last Say No?

When did you last say no? Sometimes it’s hard to say ‘No’ when we live in a ‘Yes’ society.  Whether you say no to your children, or in your work environment, saying no, despite it being a negative word, can have a positive effect.

While we always want to say yes to our children, it can sometimes be hard and can even have a negative effect on our children’s personalities.

Children are renowned for always wanting to be busy, to have the latest toys, to have an ice cream and to have all of your attention at once. While this is lovely sometimes, and we want to do anything we can with our children and give everything we can to our children, sometimes the demands our children put upon us are simply unachievable and cause more stress than happiness. Sometimes saying yes to your kids encourages them to think they can have whatever they want, and in turn can cause tantrums when they don’t get that.

Saying ‘No’ now and again can be beneficial for both children and parents.

Another place where ‘No’ can be beneficial is in the workplace, “Can you cover my shift?” for example, if you say yes, it can sometimes cause more stress for you, it means spending less time with your family and that can sometimes cause issues at home.

Saying no is a part of life, but in a society where ‘yes’ seems to be the only answer, it can be hard to just say ‘No’.

When did you last say ‘no’? Do you find it difficult to say no? Share your experience below using our easy comments box.

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