When do kids spend their Christmas money?

It’s becoming more and more the norm for children to receive a card containing money or gift vouchers from friends and family at Christmas.

Gone are the days of an extra selection box and a jumper from Auntie Mary, Auntie Betty, Susie, Sheila …….. – do you remember ending up with half a dozen selection boxes on Christmas morning? I certainly do and they seemed much bigger! Happy days.

Kids nowadays would much rather received money so that they can buy the Xbox game they know is about to be released or the hair extensions they’ve been drooling over for months.

At least you know they’ll get what they want, instead of something that costs an arm and a leg but ends up confined to under their bed.

The question is not just how will they spend their Christmas money but also when?

Is your child one of the many Christmas day internet shoppers ready to grab an early bargain, do they wait and snatch up the bargains when they hit the shops on Boxing Day, or are they savvy shoppers who know what they want and are prepared to wait for it to drop in price?

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