When shouldn’t we be exercising?

Being fit and healthy is all part of our balanced life-style but doing too much or at the wrong time can be just as bad as  doing none at all.

UnderTheChristmasTree has put together a small list of when we shouldn’t be exercising.

Exercising is all about balance, doing too little and too much can be as bad as each other. From different times in a day to eating before you exercise these tips about when we shouldn’t be exercising should benefit us all.

1) Exercising right before bedtime. It is often thought that exercising right before bedtime would make you feel far more sleepy, however some experts say that because you are stimulating your heart, brain and muscle you may find it harder to get to sleep.

2) Wait until your dinner has settled. Exercising straight after having a heavy meal may end up making you feel sick, dizzy and even left with stomach cramps. The NHS states we should be waiting a few hours after a heavy meal so we can get more from our exercise. Read more here:

3) Warming up. We have all been guilty at some point of putting on our running shoes, determined to get fit and either during or after the run experiencing bad stitched and pulled muscles – why is this? Well, we should be warming up our muscles first with some simple exercises. If you haven’t warmed up don’t exercise!

4) Sick? If you are feeling congested or have an upset stomach doing exercise is not usually recommend. Take a break and allow yourself some rest. However you can still exercise when having a small cold, just reduce the intensity and listen to your body.

These are UnderTheChristmasTree’s thoughts and opinions please visit the NHS website to get official advice on keeping fit and healthy.

Have you got a certain time in the day you exercise? tell us your thoughts using our easy comments box below.

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