Which Superheroine Are You?

Which of the three super heroines below are you? Answer some very simple questions to find out which of these three you are most like.

Each has their own unique identity and skills – are you more the web spinning kind, are you naughty but nice  or are you a super strong, super fast leader?

Today super heroines have no need to leave home to practice their skills, each and every one of them is used every day when dealing with little ones.

The Amazing Spider Girl

Teenage daughter of Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Mary Jane Watson and named after Peter’s Aunt May.

Mayday Parker who at age 15 started to develop her father’s spider powers, including superhuman strength, she can leap several stories high, and can cover the width of a city block.

Spider-Girl’s reflexes are also heightened to levels well beyond that of an ordinary human. She heals somewhat faster than a normal human, and is more agile than her father.

Does this describe you?  Do you heal faster than a normal human? – Probably as a mum you don’t have time to be ill.

Are you more agile than a male?  Yep – stopping a run a way toddler is no mean feat!

Do you have super human strength ?  Do hens lay eggs – obviously.

This could be you.

Wonder Woman

Remember Linda Carter as Wonder Woman all those years ago when you drooled over her outfit and would have given your right arm to be just like her?

Originally a member of a tribe of female women named the Amazons, Wonder Woman arrives in America and swops identities with army nurse Diana Prince which then became her secret identity.

Her super powers include speed, super strength, wisdom, leadership and telepathy.  She can also resist many forms of manipulation.

Can you see yourself in wonder woman?

Do you have great wisdom? yes – you can help with homework queries

Telepathy – you always know what excuse they’re going to come up with

Resist manipulation – nobody can manipulate a mum quite like a toddler can you resist those cute looks?

If so you’ve found your alter ego.


Catwoman is a feisty whip carrying cat burglar who has a romantic attachment to Batman.

Known for her skin tight black PVC catsuit this lady can run, kick and dive all while wearing some killer heels.

She teeters on the line between good and evil, and is known to share her wealth with the poor.

Known as Selina Kyle she is a wily, witty con artist and a high society grifter

Could this be you?

Do you love to wear something shiny and black? – Don’t we all?

Can you run in heels – Of course you can how else can you keep hold of the kids?

Do you share your wealth with the poor and needy – Again yes, as you open your purse to hand out dinner money, pocket money etc.

Are you a witty con artist – Most likely! What little treat did you offer the kids to get them off to sleep.?

So, which super heroine fits the bill?  Get in touch and let us know which Super Heroine you are!

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