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Who won the battle of the Christmas Ads ?

Once again we saw the battle of the Christmas adverts commence over 2014 but which of them did you watch most? See this year’s most watched Christmas adverts here.

With their controversial First World War Christmas truce advert, Sainsbury’s took first place as the most viewed Christmas advert closely followed by the heart wrenching Monty the Penguin from John Lewis – who didn’t shed a quiet tear at both of them?

To celebrate their 20 years of support for the Royal British Legion, supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s recreated Christmas Day in the trenches 1914.The ad follows the story of a British soldier who hears Silent Night being sung in German by enemy troops. As he ventures into ‘no man’s land’ soldiers from both sides lay down their weapons and join him as they shake hands.

As they return to the trenches both soldiers discover that each has given each other a gift – the British soldier discovers a piece of Stollen in his overcoat, while the German soldier finds a bar of chocolate in his.

Proceeds from the sale of the chocolate bars were donated to Royal British Legion.

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s said: ‘We’ve been delighted with the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve had from customers and colleagues to our portrayal of the 1914 Christmas Day Truce, and that it has been so popular on YouTube.

‘As you probably know, we partnered with The Royal British Legion, in the 20th year of our relationship with them, to ensure we told the story with authenticity and respect and to help raise awareness and additional funds for the important work they do.

‘In fact, by selling the million bars we made, we will be able to donate £500k to the Legion.’

Once again John Lewis tugged at our heart strings as their festive ad showed the heart-warming friendship between a little boy and a penguin.Sam’s best friend is Monty, the penguin who’s looking a little lost and alone.

Sam thinks he knows just what Monty is dreaming of for Christmas… something that will make his Christmas day perfect and finds Mabel to keep him company.

This is the story of love and friendship that couldn’t fail to raise a smile.

Did you have a favourite Christmas advert? Do get in touch below and share it with us.

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