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Who’s bake will make you go Oh La La?

It’s the Great British Bake Off Semi Finals tonight, so get your tissues at the ready as we can guarantee even Paul Hollywood will feel like shedding a tear.

Can you believe how quickly this series has gone? It seems like only yesterday we were posting about custard gate and elbow gate – oh Sue!

However the Semi finals have reached us and tonight the remaining contestants will be putting their french cooking skills to the test!

Who’s bake will make you go “oh la la” and whose will be as smelly as a good piece of cheese?

Tonight they will be baking an Opera Cake – perfect for those of us who love chocolate.

What french food do you love? We just love bread and cheese.

Let’s see if Mel and Sue change the word bake to Cuire (bake in french!)

Why not leave a comment below with the link to your blog post, pictures or even ideas so we can see what you’re making!

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