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Why Getting To Bed Early Is Healthy For Children

It makes good sense to make our children go to bed at a reasonable time of night, as sleep is excellent for our brains and even helps with growth.  Today, a new report backs that up, suggesting that children who do not have a set routine or go to bed at a late time of night, have lower academic grades.

‘Ten more minutes of playing the xbox, then it’s bedtime’.  Sound familiar?  bed time can often be a challenge for parents across the globe.  Tearing your children away from their xbox or television can often prove to be exhausting for the parents, never mind the children, but persevere if you want your children to have better grades at school.

The research concludes that children who have no bedtime routine, or go to bed later than 9pm don’t perform as well as those children who do academically.  Lack of sleep can cause exhaustion, lethargy and a lack of concentration.

“At first glance, this research might seem to suggest that less sleep makes children less intelligent, however, it is clearly more complicated than that.  While it’s likely that social and biological brain development factors are inter-related in a complex way, in my opinion, for schoolchildren to perform their best, they should all, whatever their background, get a good night’s sleep.” said Dr Robert Scott-Jupp of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

There you have it.  Confiscate the games consoles and unplug the television and you’ll have a child genius in no time.

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