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Wild Animals Make Reading More Fun?

That’s right, wild animals are making reading more fun but don’t worry its not a real life roaring lion that is helping but a set of six soft-hearted book buddies.

Kids will love reading stories with their new Book-Tails. There are six in the range which includes: Bear, Dog, Cow, Pig, Jaguar and a Sheep so when its time to close the book, it will stretch out happily and keep the place safely marked until you ready to start reading your book again.

UnderTheChristmasTree were lucky enough to be sent one of these by Sarah from ThatCompanyCalledIf and we have to say its possibly one of these cutest things ever! The bookmark itself its soft to touch and we couldn’t help but fall in love with the fact that he was wearing a pair of glasses! When it was time to use the bookmark we unravelled the tail and and placed it in our book and we have to say, not only did it securely hold our page in the book but its looked cute in doing so!

Will you be buying one of these book-tails? Comment below and let us know.

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