Will Hasbro’s ‘pysical’ Bejeweled come to the UK?

The PopCap Games, Bejeweled, will be turned into a ‘pysical’ game and will launch in the US in the Spring.

Toy manufacturer Hasbro has teamed up with PopCap Games in a deal which will see some of its biggest game hits transformed into a ‘pysical’ product, question is will this be available in the UK?

The answer will likely be yes as Jonathan Berkowitz, VP of marketing for Hasbro Gaming, said “We can’t wait to give consumers around the globe all new ways to play and interact with their favourite PopCap brands.”

Wether or not the UK will get the two games based on PopCap’s Bejeweled in the Spring, which would be the same time as the US, is still unknown.

The first of the games will also include digital values for online players, such as a downloads of the computer game.

Brennan Townley, director of brand licensing at PopCap Games said “Hasbro shares PopCap’s vision and commitment to high quality and endlessly enjoyable gameplay,” He then added “We’re thrilled to work with Hasbro to create unique game experiences around PopCap’s intellectual properties that expand our brands in authentic, meaningful ways.”

Bejeweled is a puzzle game which most of you will have played at one time, the aim is to swap gems to match jewels, sound easy? wrong the game will have you saying ‘i’ll just have one more go’

Have you ever played Bejewled? will you give it a go when Hasbro release the games? Comment using our comments box below.

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